Hatta Mountain Tour

6 hours

Hatta Mountain Tour
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Now, enjoy your Hatta Mountain Tour in Dubai. Start on the scenic journey to the beautiful Hatta Village. A 4 x 4 luxury vehicle will take you along the scenic route. This half-day scenic adventure trip will let you soak in the ancient heritage and natural rustic beauty of the place. Now, get set to enjoy the activities at Hatta Village. Hatta Heritage village has some stunning mountain vistas for you. Moreover, explore various attractions and walk along the rocky trails. This is going to be an amazing journey for you. 

The Hatta Mountain tour’s major highlights include Hatta Dam, the heritage mosques, Hatta Hill Park, and more. Moreover, kayak in the cool waters of the Hatta Dam, and make memories. Enjoy BBQ at the Hatta huts at Hatta Hill Park. Enjoy shopping at the pottery market and carpet market, with your friends and family. You can also pick up gifts and souvenirs for people back home. If you are looking for an offbeat adventure tour in Dubai, then this is it. Now, escape the hustle-bustle of the city and escape into the serenity that villages offer. The mountains seem to enthrall you more than ever. So, enjoy the Hatta Mountain tour. 



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