Morning Desert Safari

4 hours

Morning Desert Safari
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We arrange door to door safari. We will pick you up from your location around 9:00 AM and drop you off by 11:30 AM.

Our experienced drivers will take you on an adventurous desert ride bashing through the dunes, making your morning one of the most memorable ones. We also provide the facility of an exclusive pick-up for you given the times. You can arrive in the desert with just your family and nobody to share your ride with.

After the ride, you can go sandboarding on the sandhills, which is an adventure in itself. Or else you can admire this present of mother nature to us and make sure to capture the beauty with your camera for the sake of nostalgia.

Make sure to keep yourself hydrated with water and soft drinks, and it's on us!

For the thrill-seekers, we have quad bikes in special demand. Hop on one of those four-wheeler bikes and go about exploring the beautiful expanse all by yourself. We have trained instructors to guide you. You can also get on top of one of our camels and take the old-fashioned tour, just the way our ancestors did.

Do make sure to wear light, airy clothes and apply sun cream to protect yourself against the desert sun. Nothing to worry about, but do it as a precautionary measure.

You can also enjoy complimentary Sandboarding and Camel riding in the desert. You can add Quad bikes, ATV, or Dune buggy at additional cost depending on the ride's size and duration.

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